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Elephant Sisterhood & Friendship Ornament

Elephant Sisterhood & Friendship Ornament

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This ornament is the perfect way to celebrate the women who show up and support you through life's ups and downs. 

This wood elephant ornament/car charm is approximately 4 inches by 3 inches.
Made of finished maple wood.

Comes with bead and string.

**This is an original poem. Reproduction is prohibited.**

The Tale of She-Elephants and Women Alike

In the Savannah's wide vista, under the moon's soft light, a tale unfolds, of an elephant's might. Female, she stands, her strength evident, a protector of her kind, a sentinel, resilient.
They rally around their own, a circle so grand, a fortress of bodies, in the arid sand. Eyes alert, ears wide, they guard their kin, their love for each other, a shield from within.
Oh, what a sight, the women of our kind, mirrors of elephants, in body and mind. Sometimes the shielded, sometimes the shield, their circle of love, a protective field.
Their circle, unbroken, fierce love at its core, a testament of strength, of lore. Women, like elephants, stand tall and free, embodiments of love, unity, and harmony.

Thank you for being my elephant






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